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Photos: Tournament on Saturday

VTES Tournament July 16

Charlotte: Kindred Restructure Tournament: Results

Congrats to Jeff “The Lasombra” Thompson for winning Saturday’s tournament in Ft. Mill, SC.

We had 8 players attend, so we used the multi-deck format for each round.

Thank you to Above Board Games for allowing us to host this event at their store.

After two rounds the top five going into the finals were:

1. Jeff Brandon – Charleston, SC – 1 GW, 6 VP
2. Jeff Thompson – Atlanta, GA – 3.5 VP
3. JSB – Charlotte, NC – 2 VP
4. Jose Lafuente – Charlotte, NC – 2 VP
5. Mike Perlman – Atlanta, GA – 0.5 VP

The Finals Table: 

Mike -> Jose -> Jeff B -> Jeff T -> Jordan

Mike P – Toreador Grand Ball Vote
Jose L – Tremere Antitribu Bleed/Block/Combat
Jeff B – Anarch Tremere
Jeff T – Nosferatu Antitribu Vote/Combat
JSB – Harbingers of Skull Deck Burning

Notable moments – While the first round timed out for table 2. The second round at table 2 lasted 38 minutes, with Jeff Brandon getting a 4 VP sweep with a Samedi power bleed deck.

Photos will be posted later tonight.

One Week Away!

Our VTES tournament is July 16th at 1pm. That is exactly one week from today.  Check previous posts before for more details.

One Month Away!!

Just one month away until our VTES Tournament!

When: Saturday, July 16, 2011

Location:  Above Board Games – 985 Market Street, Suite 103, Fort Mill, South Carolina  29708

Time: Registration will begin at 12:30pm with a start time set at 1:00pm. So please arrive before 1pm.

Fee: $6.00 entry free

Format: Standard 2 Rounds and a Final.  Two hour time limit per round.  If less than 8 players enter the tournament, we will use the multi-deck (multi-judge) format for each round, while I scold the attendees for not bringing more friends.

Building a Beginner’s Deck: Assamites

Occasionally, I go up to UNCC and play games on Friday nights with the student gaming guild.  Several years ago I donated a few thousand VTES cards to the guild with the hopes of forming a little VTES group up there.  It worked for about six months – we had a semi-regular group meet and play VTES at the guild meet ups.  But for the club organizers, it was a hassle to bring all those card boxes up to the campus each week, along with all the other board games, RPG books, videos, etc.  So in the end I got the cards back.

Summer is here now, so for the upcoming Fall, I was going to donate a box of eight decks.  A simple starter display box with eight different clan starters inside.  Something easy and small for them to bring to the meet ups.

But I don’t want to just use regular starters, so in the spirit of Atomweaver’s Deck Building Challenge, I was going to refine each starter deck, making it both easier to play and more competitive.  I’m going to build these decks from cards by mixing two (or more) starter decks together.

I’m starting off this series with the Assamite Preconstructed Starter from Lords of the Night.

I anticipate all these decks will be a little tool-boxy, with bleed, combat and reaction.  So far in this first attempt, I combined some cards from two Assamite LoN Starters along with a few cards from  the Toreador Starter from Keepers of Tradition.

Here is my first draft:

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 3 max: 10 average: 6.5
2x Dmitri Borodin 10 AUS CEL NEC QUI obf             Assamite:4
2x Thucimia 10 CEL DEM OBF QUI for pro               Assamite:4
2x Kashan 7  CEL OBF QUI obt pre              1 vote Assamite:4
2x Layla bint-Nadr 5  CEL OBF qui                    Assamite:4
2x Bertrand d'Anjou 4  aus cel qui                   Assamite:4
2x Evan Rogers 3  cel qui                            Assamite:4

Library [90 cards]
Action [19]
  8x Clandestine Contract
  2x Haqim's Law: Leadership
  6x Loss
  3x Web of Knives Recruit

Action Modifier/Combat [7]
  4x Resist Earth's Grasp
  3x Swallowed by the Night

Action Modifier/Reaction [4]
  4x Blood Awakening

Combat [30]
  8x Pursuit
  6x Scorpion's Touch
  4x Selective Silence
  3x Taste of Death
  3x Weighted Walking Stick
  3x Psyche!
  3x Taste of Vitae

Equipment [2]
  2x Garrote

Event [1]
  1x Dragonbound

Master [12]
  1x Market Square
  2x Path of Blood, The
  1x Quietus
  1x Underworld Hunting Ground
  4x Vessel
  2x Fame
  1x Rack, The

Reaction [15]
  6x Black Sunrise
  2x Lost in Translation
  4x Nest of Eagles
  3x Rooftop Shadow

Know Your Kindred – Ankh-sen-Sutekh

Name: Ankh-sen-Sutekh
Clan: Followers of Set
Generation; 8th
Embrace: 1315

Ankh-sen-Sutekh (literally meaning “She-Lives-For-Sutekh”) is a highly skilled sorceress for hire.

Having devoted her existence to exposing the flaws of civilization and bringing about the return of Set, Ankh-sen-Sutekh operates out of Alexandria, selling her magical talents to the highest bidder.  She used the money, boons and contacts from her mercenary work to help create a network of spies and assassins, spanning the entire Mediterranean.

In life, she was originally a slave working in one of the great temples of Set.  Ankh-sen-Sutekh was destined to be just another blood doll until her sire recognized her potential and Embraced her.

She spent the first part of her unlife studying Setite teachings: that civilization was a tool of Osiris against Set.  That all Setites must strive towards destroying civilization and awakening their dark god.  In addition, Ankh-sen-Sutekh was tutored in the Akhu style of religious magic practiced by her clan.

Ankh-sen-Sutekh is a small woman with black hair and intense eyes. She dresses more conservatively, unless she is involved in her magic, in which case she dresses like an Egyptian priestess of old.  Despite her small size, she radiates an almost palpable aura of power.

– Source: The Red Sign, pg 24, 102